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What’s your vice? Musings & Life There are few questions less useful to get to know someone than asking them about their values. Regardless of the context, you’re going to hear the 70+ Great Quotes on Life, Human Nature and Creativity Life & Books Interesting quotes are the ones that could be the summary of complex books. They are too brief to teach anything substantially but perfectly suited Reality and perception Life & Musings The human mind replicates. It reproduces virtual versions of “real” things - people, objects, locations… We conceptualize, we strategize and we act Trends vs Hierarchies, David vs Goliath Business & Marketing & Sales & Life About five years ago, when I was working in a startup incubator, I noticed a strange habit from entrepreneurs. No matter how small their companies How to develop good taste Life & Art & Music If your job involves creative work - whether you write, cook, design, photograph, or compose - good taste is one of the biggest factors of your The Loudness Wars Life & Art & Music & Marketing & Sales “Effective communication will always require some degree of irrationality in its creation because if it’s perfectly rational it becomes, like water, When to give up Life I began a previous version of this post by writing: The cardinal sin of most pieces of advice is to fail to describe the contexts in which they